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Ron Galloway is a healthcare researcher and speaker. He concentrates on the intersection of technology and healthcare, with a particular focus on the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare delivery.

Ron is no newcomer to A.I. He has been speaking about the revolutionary impact of AI + Healthcare for 8 years, and has coded in Prolog, the OG of AI for 35 years.

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Over the last 17 years, he has spoken at hundreds of conferences, board retreats, and corporate events. He is the author of the new "AI: Clear And To The Point." His next book "Data To Diagnosis" examines the looming role of AI/ML in healthcare diagnostics.

The New Book

"AI: Clear And To The Point" offers readers a concise, funny, appalling and focused exploration of artificial intelligence, navigated by author Ron Galloway. Conveying complex concepts in an accessible manner, Galloway delves into the evolution of AI, tracing its origins from its nascent stages to its current transformative impact on various aspects of our lives.

Galloway's work then turns its gaze towards the future, mapping potential trajectories for AI and its profound implications. We look at AI's potential roles in fields ranging from healthcare and finance to education and beyond. "AI: Clear And To The Point" serves as a resource for anyone seeking to comprehend the intricate interplay between technology, society, and the promise that AI holds.

Coming 9/30 in hardcover and audiobook

The Next Book

How are AI and ML changing healthcare? In every way, and in a lot of ways we have not imagined yet. In "Data To Diagnosis," Ron Galloway delves into the transformative impact of AI and machine learning on healthcare. This book offers a exploration of how data-driven technologies are reshaping diagnostics, treatment approaches, and patient care.

The book not only looks back on the strides made by AI in healthcare but also looks ahead, examining potential future scenarios and the ethical considerations associated with integrating technology into medical practices. "Data To Diagnosis" serves as an insightful resource for medical professionals seeking to understand and leverage AI's potential in their field, while also providing an accessible entry point for readers interested in the evolving relationship between technology and healthcare.

Coming 10/30 in audiobook, 11/15 in hardcover

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